Guiding you home

Guiding you home

Helping Homebuyers Ascend to Home Ownership

Buying a home is a lot like climbing a mountain. You have a vision of where you want to be, a dream of what you want to achieve. But there are steps between where you are now and realizing that dream.

Summit Mortgage is a company that’s specially built to help buyers easily ascend to their dream. At Summit Mortgage, we’ve been guiding families home for 27 years. We know what’s ahead of you – the terrain, the ecosystem. We’ll make your ascent a smooth one.

Everyone who works with us has their own, personal guide for their journey. They have the wisdom, the training, and the experience to get you to the top.

And our guides don’t work alone. They’re supported by a perfectly-balanced set of resources – the right people, and the right technology – to assist with your climb. At each step of the process, we have “basecamps” where you’ll find everything you need to help you along your path.

All in all, it’s a high-level experience for one of the highest points in everyone’s life: home ownership.

Let’s scroll down to basecamp together.

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Initial consultation. Find out how much of a home you can buy.

Our experienced loan officer guides will review your income, assets, debts, and your credit to help you with an estimate for a home that fits your goals.
Keep scrolling down to see the rest of the basecamps.
Pre-approval. Make your offer tower above others in a competitive market. (Ask about our $10,000 Underwriting Guarantee*).

Your Pre-Approval is used by Realtors to get you the home you want. Get pre-approved and be a step ahead of other homebuyers.
*Some Limitations Apply

Go shopping. Find a home, make an offer, and sign a purchase agreement.

Make sure to attach the $10,000 Underwriting Guarantee to your offer to boost it to the top.
Home inspection. Know what condition your house is in and whether there are issues that need to be addressed.

Your Realtor will assist with ordering this and will let you know the cost before proceeding.
Loan application. Complete what we started in the pre-approval process. Together, we’ll review a Loan Estimate so that we understand the loan’s terms, including closing costs.

You've found your home, made an offer, and the seller has accepted.
Initial processing. Your loan is prepared for review, and if the time is right, lock in your interest rate. You're getting closer.

Your loan is being packaged for an underwriting review. Our Ascent app makes it easy to deliver the documents you need to complete this step.
Home appraisal. What’s the home’s value in relation to similar homes in the neighborhood?

The Home Appraisal determines the home's value, provides information on your new home and neighborhood.
Underwriting. Your information is reviewed for final approval.

Underwriting reviews your income, assets, debt and property details to issue a final approval on your new home.
Closing details. Here's where you get all the details about your loan, and the title work for your new property.

We will confirm your new monthly housing payment, funds needed for closing, and ensure you have clear title to the property.
Breathe. Check your gear & finish packing: You're about to make the final ascent to home ownership.
Final Review. The numbers are in, and we are here to help you understand them. You're almost there.

Our loan officer will walk you through the details and make sure you are ready to go!
Camp 12
Closing day. Welcome Home! »