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Matt Redding

Southern/Eastern Regional Manager | NMLS: 257655

Hi, I’m Matt.

I have been in the financial industry for over 25 years and have had the pleasure of working in many different types of roles. In that time, I have experienced many changes in the mortgage world. One thing that always stands true is the most successful people I have known have always surrounded themselves by other great individuals. The people we have here at Summit Mortgage is what attracted me to this company and the culture that has been built is truly second to none. Regardless of the position you are seeking, if the culture and people really matter to you, then look no further and choose Summit Mortgage as your new home.


Personally, I have lived in Arizona for over 30 years, having graduated from ASU in the early ’90s. My soccer dad duties have filled up a lot of my spare time for many years but now that my children are getting older I have been able to dedicate more of my time to my other passion of reading and writing.

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